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Everything You Need to Know About China E-Commerce « Observer Solutions|China E-Commerce Intelligence and Advisory Services

Everything You Need to Know About China E-Commerce

Everything You Need to Know About China E-Commerce

If you already have a China e-commerce strategy in place, or are even
considering entering China’s e-commerce market, then this is a
must-read report. Our flagship industry deep dive report arms you with
critical insights to implement best practices today that will save you
time, money, and the embarrassment of failing to implement an
effective China e-commerce approach in 2014.

This report helps you answer the following questions:

• What is the market size and potential? Who are the major players?

• Why do the unique demographics of Chinese online shoppers
necessitate a different approach? (Age, Gender, Geography, Income,

• Given my unique business which e-commerce strategy is right for us?

• What are best practices for identifying the right partners?

• When will I know that it’s the right time to take my China
e-commerce strategy to the next level?

This report includes forecasts for China’s e-commerce market
transaction volume, the changing distribution of China’s different
e-commerce market segments, China’s online shopping market transaction
volume (compared with the US), and online shoppers in China. Also
presented are market shares for major Chinese B2C and C2C players,
demographics on China’s online shoppers, channels and case studies.

This report provides you with the essential data and actionable case
studies to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar opportunity awaiting
you online in China.