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China is expected to become the largest ecommerce market in 2013. Already, the country has the largest ecommerce population with 210 million online shoppers. (compared 179 million in the United States.) Ecommerce offers a unique solution to start a business in China. Many Western brands have already launched their ecommerce strategy and benefit from it. Observer Solutions helps develop your ecommerce strategy by providing:


1. China Ecommerce Market Entry & Strategy Consulting:

  • China Ecommerce Market Research & Consumer Insights
  • Competitive Analysis Research & Benchmarking


2. Ecommerce Channel Selection & Vendor Screening:

  • Custom Online Channel Assessment: Determine which Chinese ecommerce channels are best suited for your unique brand and sales strategy. Potential channels could include: Taobao’s Tmall, 360Buy, Amazon China or shop.QQ
  • Payment & Logistics Strategy: Identify the right local fulfillment and 3PL vendors to carry out all back-end payment, customer service, warehousing and logistics tasks.


3. Set Up of Taobao Tmall store:

  • How to setup a Tmall store: consulting & management of Tmall setup process
  • Front-end Tmall design & shop decoration
  • Ongoing store operation, order management & customer support
  • Taobao/Tmall online marketing services and search result optimization

China has the larget internet user population in the entire world, and there is still plenty of room for growth. There are over 560 million internet users in China, but this represents an internet penetration rate of only 42%. In 2012 alone, China added over 50 million internet users who are typically in their 20’s and 30’s and spend upwards of 21 hours online per week. Observer Solutions helps you understand and leverage digital media in China through the following services:


1. China Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting:

  • China Digital Marketing Overviews
  • Consumer Market Research & Insights
  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking.


2. Multichannel Digital Marketing Implementation:

  • Online Channel Assessment: Identify which Chinese online channels make the most sense for your unique business
  • Multichannel Digital Strategy Formulation: Develop a consistent digital brand across channels
  • Online Presence Creation: Create online presence across Chinese online channels
  • Digital Brand Management: Manage and monitor your digital brand in China


3. Digital Communications Consulting:

  • Chinese brand development
  • Chinese content production
  • Chinese website design and management
  • Chinese digital marketing & communications materials
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