Selling Luxury to the Chinese Digital Consumer

Cover-Selling Luxury to the Chinese Digital Consumer

China is already the world’s largest online shopping market (over 242 million) – one in every five Chinese consumers is an online shopper. At the same time, China is quickly climbing to the top spot to become the world’s largest luxury market. These two converging trends mean companies selling luxury or premium products in China need to move now to capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity.

This report helps you answer the following questions:

  • What makes the Chinese online luxury landscape unique? What are the main drivers?
  • What is the overall market outlook for e-luxury in China? Who are the key players? What are industry growth forecasts?
  • What are Chinese e-luxury consumers’ attitudes, concerns and motivations? How willing are they to purchase authentic luxury and premium products online?
  • What are proven best practices for success? Where have other companies failed?

This report includes forecasts for online shopper growth, retail e-commerce sales, average amount spent online by Chinese consumers and China’s e-luxury market transaction volume. In addition to forecasts, the report details a series of consumer sentiment surveys about online consumers’ preferences regarding different aspects of the e-luxury experience. The final section includes actionable case studies profiling companies that are succeeding in China’s e-luxury market, and those that have failed.

The convergence of the rise of online shopping and Chinese luxury boom make for an unprecedented market opportunity for luxury and premiums sellers. Purchase this report to learn the facts, understand the data and implement proven best practices to maximize the opportunity.